Dehler 46SQ - Interior Design

New Interior Design for the flagship Dehler 46 SQ.

  • Interior Layout
  • Interior Design
  • Color, Finish, Material, Fixtures

Implementing subtle innovations and enhancing the Dehler SQ Design DNA were a key aspect of the design process for the new Interior. Intelligent details and the careful selection of fine material combinations provide a spacious, calming and sophisticated atmosphere in the interior. Bathing the interior in natural light with a new window layout and the refined LED design add up to an incomparably bright ambience and welcoming feeling at first sight.

Dehler 46 SQ

Konstrukteur  - Judel/Vrolijk & Co.
Interieur Design  - Dehler / Stefanie Krücke
CE Entwurfskategorie - A (Hochsee)
Rumpflänge - 13,95 m
Gesamtlänge (inkl. Bugspriet) - 14,94 m
Länge Wasserlinie - 12,90 m
Breite - 4,38 m
Tiefgänge - 2,25 m / 2,58 m / 1,85 m
Gewicht (Std.) - 11,5 t